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LEGO Indiana Jones Temple Escape Review

The biggest set of the Indiana Jones theme so far, this is a playset of the initial scenes of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Set in a lost tomb, Indy has to go through traps and obstacles to get to his goal, a golden idol. The playset reproduces most of the things Indy faces as he enters and escapes; from a deep pit where Indy uses his whip to swing across to the rolling boulder that seals the tomb as Indy scrambles out!
There are four minifigures in this
set: Indy, Belloq, Jock, and Satipo. This is a good selection, as all of these were part of the scene in the movie. Jock has a fishing pole and a snake, just like the movie. It’s nice to have Belloq in a set too, as he was Indy’s main competitor/nemesis in Raiders.

There is also a custom piece for the idol, which is a faithful reproduction of the movie prop. With the model of the tomb (which can be described as a set of traps on a path) there is also a model of a biplane for Jock. One cool detail can be found on the biplane stickers – the call letters to the plane are OB-CPO (which were on the real plane), a tip of the hat to the Star Wars films.

The traps are pretty neat, but the best two traps are the idol trap, where removing the idol causes its altar wall to fall over, and the boulder, where a release sends a wall down and the boulder rolling away!

Building was pretty easy — the set is somewhat modular – separate parts of the tomb are built then added to make one large model. The setup of how each part is built is interesting, as it seems to go in increasing difficulty from the front of the tomb to the altar.

In terms of
playsets, this is the best Indy set out of the group – this has the feel of an Indy movie with the tomb, and it’s a complete environment, which lends itself to many play possibilities. For collectors, this will have a lot of appeal because of the idol and of Belloq.

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