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LEGO Mindstorms NXT Review

Lego Mindstorms's NXT Model 8527 Robot kit is a great toy for the young and old at heart. The learning curve is a little high, so I wouldn't recommend giving it to anyone under the age of ten, but past that point I think anyone could benefit from it. You can choose to build robots using the 577 pieces from pre-existing templates (including but not limited to a standing, walking robot, a scorpion, a cuckoo clock, and a soundbot) or make your own robot then program it accordingly! It doesn't take long to build a robot, fifteen to twenty minutes if you are constructing a templated one. This includes the time it takes to program it - speaking of which, you can use Windows XP or Vista or Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher to program it with!  The biggest single issue with the entire unit is the small memory size. With flash memory being dirt cheap, the tiny portion of memory you get to mess around with is very troubling. This limits the total number of steps you can program in, so if you want to add in a certain routine you may not be able to just because of the limited space. Other then that, the only other issue I have is the noise and of course the expense. The noise is a little annoying, but not too bad – the $250 price tag, however, is! This thing just shouldn’t cost this much for what you get.

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