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LEGO Indiana Jones Temple of the Crystal Skull Review

One of the largest sets released so far, the Temple of The Crystal Skull is a flashback to the older Adventurers series that had mini themes for the Amazon and Egypt. The suggested retail price of $79.99 might seem a bit steep for some parents but if you have a child that is into the Indiana Jones films or is a die hard Lego fanatic they will have hours and hours of fun with this set. One of the core principals of Lego is the ability to build almost anything from nothing more than a handful of bricks and bits. This was a most welcome addition to our collection and something that I know will be used for years to come.

here are so many incredible things in the set but it all starts out with the large detailed base plate. This is what almost everything gets anchored to and provides stability for the temple. Base plates like this are few and far between; not only is it the non-typical green but it has stenciled rocks and a clay color to it. Any time things are stenciled you are getting more detail and that can add to how a child uses it, the replay value and the number of ways that it can be used. While these pieces are a little more delicate than others, with a little bit of care they will last for years. Once you unpack the set you should read through the instructions so you are aware of the various perks of the set.

Product Description:

What is the secret of the Temple of the Crystal Skull? Indiana Jones and Mutt want to find out, but first they'll have to get past Irina Spalko, and then survive the temple's collapsing stairs, firing spears, hostile warriors, and many other tricks and traps. Includes Indiana Jones, Mutt Williams, Irina Spalko, Russian Guard, two Ugh Warriors and three Akator Skeleton minifigures, plus top-secret features straight from the movie's action-packed climax. 929 pieces.


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