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Bratz Genie Magic Doll History

The Bratz Dolls are full of mystery and magic in this 'Genie Magic' collection. The girls with a passion for fashion have excelled themselves this time and are able to see into the future of fashion, so look no further - the Bratz girls know what's hot! The five characters appearing in this line are Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin and Meygan. The first four are the original four girls from the first Bratz line, however Meygan has been introduced to the gang since then. Once again the girls look stunning in their Genie Magic outfits, though this is a completely different look from their usual style. MGA Entertainment, who produce the girls with a passion for fashion, have once again created a popular theme with the 'Genie Magic' collection. Also included in the collection is a magic carpet, a lifestyle bedroom set, a fortune teller and Katia with a bottle. The colours and detail used in each of the girl's outfits really is amazing, the Bratz girls look breathtakingly beautiful!

Yasmin's popularity has remained since her first appearance as one of the original Bratz dolls and Yasmin is probably the most well known compared to the rest. The other three original Bratz dolls also appear in this 'Genie Magic' collection who are Cloe, Jade, Sasha, Yasmin and Meygan. Yasmin is first most used character in the different themes, and looks stunning in this particular collection. Yasmin is the main character of the Bratz and she is like the 'leader' of the pack. She is considered this because CEO Isaac Larian who created the first Bratz dolls had a daughter called Jazmin and her nickname was Yasmin. So he created Yasmin as the main bratz. She is the prettiest and the most sensible of the group. Her long pink skirt and matching little top are covered with jewels, making her look mystical and beautiful. Yasmin has also been in 'Bratz Step Out', 'Bratz Birthday Bash', 'Bratz Midnight Dance' and 'Bratz Wild Wild West'

Cloe is the second of the Bratz to appear in this collection. Cloe is White with long blond hair but as she is not ethnic many little girls consider her not to be in this collection. However, MGA did not remove her from the collection as she was already selling in many shops. Cloe is now the lowest selling genie magic doll. She has been the second most used doll after Yasmin, and quite a popular doll in many of the other Bratz themes, including '
Bratz Step Out', 'Bratz Rock Angelz', 'Bratz Wild Wild West' and 'Bratz Ooh La La', in fact she has been seen in the most of the Bratz themes!

Jade is the third original Bratz character in this Genie Magic
collection. So far Jade has also featured in '

Bratz Step Out', 'Bratz Rock Angelz' and 'Bratz Birthday', as well as others, and looks set to feature in many future themes. Sasha is the last of the original Bratz characters to appear in this collection - the colour of her outfit really compliments her skin tone and she looks like an exotic beauty. Sasha has also appeared in 'Bratz Rock Angelz', 'Bratz Birthday Bash' and 'Bratz Step Out'. The girls all have great accessories to match their mystical appearance and this 'Genie Magic' line sees all the girls looking completely striking. With their magic carpet, the girls are set for a thrilling adventure among the stars and can go anywhere they wish! Meygan is the final character in this line, and the only doll who was not one of the original Bratz characters. Meygan is still recognised as a popular character and has features in other themes including 'Bratz Step Out' and 'Bratz Play Sportz'. Katia also appears in this product line, and she comes with a magical bottle. Katia was known for her appearance in the Bratz 'Holiday Doll' collection, but perhaps she's now going to become another well known member of the Bratz gang.


Source: http://www.thetoyreview.com/wiki/Bratz_Genie_Magic_Dolls

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